Hi, I am Quentin Terwinghe

Web Developer

Something about me !

Son of a computer scientist, I am a software developper passionated by my work for almost 10 years now. Since my younger days, I have been drawn by the software development and by the web design, therefore I went in for studies in this specific area. So, I started my university career in 2005 as a student in multimedia writing in Brussels at the ISFSC, aiming to acquire competencies as a web developper as well as a multimedia project manager.

After graduating from College in 2008, I worked as a Web developper with several companies which had allowed me to acquire my PHP expertise. I worked on a variety of projects in different areas such as training, audiovisual, telecommunications or online sale. Finally, since January 2016, I start working as an independent consultant.

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Being active since 2008 as a Web Developer, I acquired a strong professional experience to reach the goals I set for each missions I work on.


Whatever the project I work on, I integrate the best practices and current ergonomy with your needs to provide the best user experience.


Thanks to my background knwoledge in Scrum Master and Prince 2 project management, I can adopt efficient working methodologies within my projects.

What I do !

For almost 10 years now, I am active in the development of Web applications, and became proficient in PHP and MySQL. I also developped competencies in HTML and CSS in order to integrate graphic interfaces on the websites I work on.


Since 2008, I work with PHP in order to develop dynamical Web Applications. The expertise I acquired throughout the years allows me today to work on any kind of projects - from websites in the Associative area to big ERP applications.


I started to learn HTML at the age of 10. Since then, it became a passion, still present today. I constantly check the evolution of the HTML and CSS in order to reach the best level in regards to the current standards.


Data structuring is important to many Web Applications. MySQL is the perfect solution to this situation ; this is why I perfectly master the SQL language. I also have a perfect knowledge of Data Modelling.

Responsive design

Nowadays, all the Web applications must be responsive to adapt to all kinds of media. This is why I work with Bootstrap 3 to develop responsive designs that can perfectly fit on your Mobile Phone, your Tablet or your Desktop.


I mainly work using the Symfony 2 Framework. This tool offers plenty of development facilities, allowing time savings. Thanks to Symfony 2, I have access to a large library of features to facilitate the development work.

Server Admin

I have good knowledges in Server Administration. It allows me to configure and manage a Web Server under a Linux Distribution, and to host websites on it. Besides this, I host Source Codes using GitLab on my own Web Server.

Peregrïn, what is it?

"Peregrïn" is the corporate name of my professional activity. In Latin, the word "Peregrinus" means pilgrim. From there, comes the English word "Peregrine", used to designate the Peregrine Falcon. This bird has a strong visual acuity and has the fastest diving speed. I chose this name for the symbolism carried by this bird.

My skills

Symfony 2
Symfony 2
Casper JS
Casper JS


Contact now !

You can use the form hereunder to contact me for any question or request. You can also directly e-mail me or contact me by phone. Thank you in advance.



+32 478 412 409